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Strategies for Remote Instruction

COVID-19 Faculty Information

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Difference between Remote and Online


Moving content designed for face-to-face instruction online for a limited or one-time-only course instruction due to a temporary separation of instructor and students.*


The intentional design and implementation of course content, assessments, and online interactions that support alignment of learning outcomes and effective student learning experiences in a fully online environment.





Tools for Remote Instruction


Ensure Access, Integrity, and Privacy


Recorded Strategies and Q& A Sessions: 

The Digital Learning Hub at the Teaching + Learning Commons, in partnership with Educational Technology Services, hosted live Zoom sessions to cover options for remote instruction and other frequently asked questions. All Zoom sessions were recorded, captioned, and posted on and linked below. 

March 17 @ 12:00 pm  |  Watch the Recording 3  |  Download the Slides

March 16 @ 1:00 pm  |  Watch the Recording 2  |  Download the Slides

March 13 @ 10:00 am  |  Watch the Recording 1  |  Download the Slides 


Additional Questions

Where do I send students for academic support?

The Teaching + Learning Commons will continue to provide academic support services through remote delivery options. 
  • For Writing Tutoring, the Writing Hub will provide one-on-one writing consultations for undergraduate and graduate students online. In Spring, students can visit to schedule an online writing consultation. 

  • For Content Tutoring, the Academic Achievement Hub will provide drop-in tutoring remotely through video communication. Refer to for more information. 

  • For Supplemental Instruction (SI) and Study Groups, the Academic Achievement Hub will host SI and student group sessions remotely through video conference technology. Refer to for more information.

  • For Learning Strategist (LS), the Academic Achievement Hub will provide workshops and one-on-one appointments. Refer to for the latest schedule and to access links for workshops. Your learning strategist will send you a separate link when you submit a request for an appointment.

Can I make synchronous lecture attendance mandatory?

All students who can safely leave the campus have been urged to do so. Because students may be in different timezones or have access to varying technology and internet connectivity, it is highly recommended that instructors do not rely 100% on real-time, synchronous lectures.

Any real-time lectures or other synchronous materials must be recorded and made available via Canvas for students who may not be able to attend due to differences in timezones, scheduling issues, health issues, or other concerns. 

Recommended Process for Synchronous Sessions

  1. Utilize the “Zoom LTI Pro” link within your Canvas course to schedule synchronous sessions – be sure to automatically record the session in the cloud.
  2. Once the session has concluded, wait for the video to finish processing and return to Canvas. Zoom sessions that were recorded to the cloud will automatically be added to "My Media" in Canvas. This will take about an hour. 
  3. Click “My Media”
    If you do not automatically see “My Media” in the course menu, click “Settings”, then “Navigation” and enable “My Media” 
  4. Locate the recording of the synchronous session, and click “Publish”
  5. Add the video to the Media Gallery for the appropriate course

During this time, it is highly encouraged that instructors remain flexible and offer alternatives to attendance-based and other synchronous based assignments. If students in the synchronous session are provided with points for participation, students who are accessing the recording should also have the opportunity to earn participation points. Options for asynchronous participation points include a question embedded in the video recording, quiz, assignment or graded discussion.

Additional Resources

Using Zoom for Lectures

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