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The online teaching experience involves pedagogical methods that are very different from those that many instructors are accustomed to using in a face-to-face environment. The learner experience can involve a more active role than they may be accustomed to, particularly in large lecture courses. From the instructor’s perspective, this requires a more explicit identification of learning goals at a time scale that is much finer grained than in the case of many traditional classes (e.g. specific learning outcomes for 5 – 10 minute ‘chunks’ of materials).

Instructors may want to develop online materials to supplement face-to-face classes or they may want to develop a fully online course. In between these two extremes is a hybrid course where most of the material that is typically delivered in a lecture is moved to an online platform, and students view that material out of class. The in-person class time is then used for group discussion, problem solving activities, working on projects, etc. This is the so-called ‘flipped class’.

Digital Learning provides guidance and support to instructors who are interested in any of these approaches. Please set up a consultation appointment to discuss your goals in using online tools.