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UC Cross-Campus Enrollment

Through cross-campus enrollment, University of California (UC) students can take online courses across the UC system. As a University of California (UC) student, you have access to a growing number of quality online courses taught by expert faculty across the UC System. These convenient and flexible online courses allow you to satisfy degree requirements or to explore new subjects outside your degree.  Visit UC Cross-Campus Enrollment to learn more.

UC Online Program

The University of California offers a number of fully online undergraduate courses through its UC Online program. When students successfully complete these courses, they earn transferrable credits that can be applied at any of the UC campuses (and may be recognized at another college or university). The courses are developed and taught by faculty across the UC system.

UC Online courses are open to both UC and non-UC students. There is no formal admissions process, but students will need to self-certify that they are ready for college level coursework, and each student will need to successfully complete all the coursework to receive transferable course credit. A list of courses may be found at this website.