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Strategies for Remote Instruction

Remote Instruction is the mode of instruction in which students are temporarily separated from the instructor and course content is delivered digitally. In the case of emergency campus closure, the strategies here will help you quickly transition to remote instruction. 

Keep it Simple.  Be Flexible.  Focus on Learning Goals.


Have a plan and create a simple structure to deliver your course materials, lectures, and information online in a consistent and easy-to-follow pattern.

Deliver Your Course Content


Establish regular engagement throughout the week to create open lines of communication, avoid feelings of isolation, and foster community in the remote environment.

Keep Your Students Engaged


Consider alternative formats for your assessments, including take-home exams, online exams, and project-based assignments that promote academic integrity.

Assessments and Proctoring


Familiarize yourself with the campus-supported tools and technology that are readily available to you. Get support on utilizing these tools effectively for your course.

Tools and Technology

Ensure Accessibility, Integrity, and Privacy

It is essential that while the transition may be quick, the quality and care in which we provide accessible/universal content, promote integrity, and ensure privacy remains uncompromised.

Important Considerations

Digital Learning Webinars

Webinars on Remote Instruction, Assessment Strategies, and Proctoring.



The Teaching + Learning Commons will continue to provide academic support services through remote delivery options. 
  • For Writing Tutoring, the Writing Hub will provide one-on-one writing consultations for undergraduate and graduate students online. In Spring, students can visit to schedule an online writing consultation. 

  • For Content Tutoring, the Academic Achievement Hub will provide drop-in tutoring remotely through video communication. Refer to for more information. 

  • For Supplemental Instruction (SI) and Study Groups, the Academic Achievement Hub will host SI and student group sessions remotely through video conference technology. Refer to for more information.

  • For Learning Strategist (LS), the Academic Achievement Hub will provide workshops and one-on-one appointments. Refer to for the latest schedule and to access links for workshops. Your learning strategist will send you a separate link when you submit a request for an appointment.

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