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Funding Opportunities

The Digital Learning team provides proposal and course design support for the UC San Diego and University of California, Office of the President opportunities listed below.

For more information, please contact the Digital Learning Hub.

Course Development and Instructional Improvement Program (CDIIP)

The Course Development and Instructional Improvement Program (CDIIP) provides funding to support faculty projects that enhance undergraduate instruction and encourage faculty experimenting with new instructional technologies including the creation of digital resources and the development of hybrid or flipped courses. The CDIIP is not aimed at supporting the development of fully-online classes.

Full-times senate faculty who are engaged in undergraduate education are eligible to submit CDIIP proposals. The awarded funds can be used to cover faculty release time, faculty summer support, graduate student support, technology support and other justifiable expenses.

(closed April 28, 2020)


Strategic Academic Program Development (SAPD)

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UC San Diego has launched the Strategic Academic Program Development (SAPD) Initiative in order to develop academic offerings that enhance the experience and outcomes of students, strengthen UC San Diego’s reputation in research and education, and grow institutional revenues to sustain investments in the education and research enterprise.

Contact the SAPD Support Team for more information.

RFP 2 is currently closed (April 26, 2019).

Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI)

The Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI) is designed to meet UC campus needs for high quality online courses. The goal of this initiative is to enhance the educational experience and opportunities for UC students by helping them get access to high demand courses, satisfy degree requirements and graduate on time.

The ILTI encourages UC ladder-rank faculty, LSOEs and LPSOEs to  submit ILTI proposals to develop fully online or hybrid courses. The Digital Learning team assists faculty in writing an ILTI proposal, designing and building an engaging, academically rich online course, and assessing the course.

RFP 7 is currently closed (April 5, 2019).