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Funding Opportunities

The Digital Learning team provides proposal and course design support for the UC San Diego  opportunities listed below.

Educational Innovation Program Development

The Educational Innovation program development opportunities are categorized into three segments of opportunity, each with different academic and operational demands: 

(A) graduate offerings (both credit and non-credit)
(B) concurrent enrollment
(C) summer programs (credit and non-credit); and
(D) online programs.

EI encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration and will work with the respective partners to align support and revenue sharing arrangements accordingly.

Request a Consultation with EI 


Online Course Development

UC San Diego offers multiple avenues for creating and sharing online courses. 

  • Credit-bearing courses for registered UC San Diego students or cross-campus students. Instructors work with Instructional Designers to design and deliver high quality, online courses.
  • Courses open to global learners and hosted on partner platforms (Coursera or edX) or on UC San Diego Online (Open edX).

Contact Digital Learning for more info



Course Development and Instructional Improvement Program (CDIIP)

The Course Development and Instructional Improvement Program (CDIIP) provides funding to support faculty projects that enhance undergraduate instruction and to encourage faculty experimenting with new instructional technologies including (but not exclusively) the creation of digital resources such as open/free textbooks, online labs, flipped courses, or adaptations that make courses more accessible, more experiential, or improve student success.

Full-time senate faculty who are engaged in undergraduate education are eligible to submit CDIIP proposals. The awarded funds can be used to cover faculty release time, faculty summer support, graduate student support, technology support and other justifiable expenses.

For more information regarding CDIIP, including application deadlines, please visit the Academic Affair's website.