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Partner with the Digital Learning Hub to develop a new online course offering at UC San Diego. Get support for course design, multimedia development, and quality assurance.


An online course is a mode of instruction in which most or all of the course content is designed intentionally for digital delivery. An online course encompasses the thoughtful design of instruction, assignments, engagements, and interactions that promote successful learning in a fully online environment. Learning material such as lecture videos are typically segmented into digestible learning concepts and aligned with interactions and assignments to promote achievement of the learning goals. Digital communications, interactions, and grading of student work are facilitated securely via the online learning management system.

Online courses are designed with flexibility and variability in mind, using a learner-centerd approach to meet the needs of various learners in various locations and from varied backgrounds. Online courses also uphold a high standard for digital accessibility, academic integrity, and student success.

Online courses at UC San Diego must be approved by the Academic Senate and require an equivalent amount of rigor and effort as face-to-face courses. Once approved, the course code is appended with an "R" to indicate the online modality of delivery.

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