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Instructional Design

Digital Learning facilitates innovative and effective instruction through individual consultation, course re/design, strategic planning for the online space, assessment formulation and technology selection. The instructional design team collaborates with faculty in the design, development, implementation and refinement of online and hybrid courses. Designers provide pedagogical and technological support for instructors at any level of experience with digital, and any stage in the process for individual courses.

Designing an Online or Hybrid Course:
To ensure effective learning, the course design process begins with mapping out what students will learn, then selecting instructional strategies, assessment techniques, and community building opportunities. Designers will help with the development of multimedia components, transition to the learning management system, and iterative enhancement of the course. Throughout the process, each component will be aligned with learning outcomes and designed to provide faculty with analytical and anecdotal feedback that informs future updates. An overview of the process is included below.

Course Design and Development Process

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