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Sample Projects

Digital Learning provides instructional design, course planning, effective media integration, and course development services for a broad range of courses and projects. We support instructors in designing an effective learning experience, ensuring meaningful integration of media, and transforming their course into hybrid, flipped, or fully online modalities. Digital Learning also partners with Multimedia Services for all grant-supported projects to produce and edit high-quality instructional videos.

herbstvideo.jpg Online cross-campus courses

HILD 20R is a fully online World History course offered to students across all UC campuses. Students explore early human experience and the birth of agriculture and cities through engaging lecture videos, digital readings, and scaffolded assignments.

Supported by the ILTI grant, Professor Matthew Herbst worked with Digital Learning to design the course, plan media and digital integrations, develop meaningful assessments, and build the online learning experience in Canvas.


Hybrid Courses

JAPN 10A, 10B, 10C is a hybrid/blended course series utlizing animations and videos to help illustrate and deepen the understanding of the Japanese language and develop essential skills.

Supported by the CDIIP grant, Professor Junko Simpson worked with Digital Learning Hub to plan, design, and illustrate videos that focus on Kanji recognition, reading, and writing.

sahar.jpg Flipped Courses

ECE 101 is transforming into a flipped classroom in which students engage in learning material and instructional videos outside of the classroom and participate in activities and exercises in the classroom.

Supported by the CDIIP grant, Professor Saharnaz Baghdadchi worked with Digital Learning to plan and map the weekly videos, design the videos around key concepts, and target learning outcomes.

IAtraining.jpg Online Trainings and Orientations

The Graduate Instructional Assistant Training course is a fully online course consisting of four learning modules required for all new graduate instructional assistants.

The Engaged Teaching Hub and subject matter experts in the Office for Students with Disabilities and Academic Integrity Office worked with Digital Learning to develop, design, and deliver the four learning modules through Canvas.