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What We Do

The Teaching + Learning Commons' Digital Learning Hub supports the integration of digital technology and the effective use of multimedia to enhance and promote student success. We collaborate with departments, faculty, and instructors to re/design courses for online and hybrid learning, develop engaging instructional materials, and utilize appropriate technical tools to enhance the digital learning experience. We promote student success by implementing learner-centered course planning strategies and universal design for learning principles.

Instructional Design

We support strategic course planning, assessment formulation, digital interactions, and effective media integration.

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Sample Projects

We work with instructors from various fields to help transform their courses for hybrid, flipped, and online delivery.

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We partner with subject matter experts on campus to design courses that are inclusive, accessible, and enriching.

Our Partners

Promote Integrity

We make every effort to design courses that uphold integrity and foster honest, respectful, fair, and trustworthy collaboration.

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