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Digital Learning Hub is partnering with faculty and instructors to redesign courses for full online delivery, with first offerings available Fall 2020. Course redesign and development will occur over the period of Summer 2020, with a condensed development timeline.

At the end of course development, a proposal will need to be submitted to Academic Senate for approval as a fully online course. Once approved, the course will be appended with an "R" to indicate the online modality of delivery.

timeline with milestones

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1. Instructional Design

Instructors will partner with a Digital Learning Instructional Designer to develop a complete redesign/development of the new online version of their course. Instructional Designers utilize a learner-centered approach to frame the course and align activities to course learning outcomes.

The Instructional Design process:

  • Develop a course roadmap
  • Outline course and weekly learning outcomes
  • Identify opportunities for engagement
  • Strategize assignments and how to assess learning
  • Plan multimedia and learning materials
  • Create a prototype in Canvas
Timeframe: approximately 2-3 weeks

2. Content Development

Instructors and Designers will partner with Multimedia Services to plan, reimagine, script, film, and produce their lecture videos for digital learning. Summer '20 multimedia development will utilize alternative methods such as in-home recording kits, no-contact self-serve studio, or outdoor socially-distant recording options.

Instructors will also take this time to curate digital learning materials and write their assignment instructions and grading criteria.

The Content Development process:

  • collect learning materials and readings
  • determine lecture video style and production timeline
  • script lecture videos and gather visuals
  • film lecture, edit, caption, and produce
  • write assignment prompts and exams
  • create grading criteria and rubrics
Timeframe: approximately 5-7 weeks

3. Course Build

Instructors will finalize all multimedia, course content, and grading material and collaborate with the instructional designer to build a modular Canvas course.

Instructional Designers and Course Builders will pull all materials, activities, and tools into Canvas for a cohesive learning experience, to be reviewed by the instructor.

The Course Build process:

  • Create a visual course home page
  • Create a digital syllabus
  • Create an Orientation Module
  • Create a modular weekly framework
  • Create the modular sequence for Readings, Videos, and Activities
Timeframe: approximately 2-3 weeks

4. Quality, Testing, + Prep

The Instructional team along with the Digital Learning team will review the course for functionality, accessibility, and quality.

The instructional team will also utilize this time to orient themselves to the online course and strategize online communication, discussion facilition, and grading practices.

The QA, Testing, Prep process:

  • Review course information and student support resources
  • Review course flow, navigation, and sequence of learning modules
  • Test access and functionality of tools, course materials, videos, hyperlinks, etc.
  • Review accessibility guidelines, screen reader compatibility, captions, color contrast, etc.
  • Make corrections and improvements as needed
Timeframe: approximately 1-2 weeks

5. Course Launch

Once the completed Canvas course is finalized and reviewed, it is ready to be released for Fall 2020!

  • publish the course
  • send a welcome announcement to your students
Target Launch: September 21, 2020