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Teaching Online Resources

The online teaching experience involves pedagogical methods that can be very different from those that many instructors are accustomed to using in a face-to-face environment. Fostering self-directed learning in a digital environment, conceptualizing the learning goals and methods of assessments, and engaging learners requires learner-centered practices and intentional instructional design. The resources below provide some foundational support for teaching online.

Getting Started with Online

If you are considering transitioning to a hybrid, flipped, or fully online modality, or would like a refresher on methods and terminology in online teaching, the resources below provide some foundational principles and guidelines for getting started.

Resource Description
Online Teaching Essentials An introductory series for UC San Diego faculty who are new to online teaching.
Blended and Online Learning (pdf) This teaching guide by Blaine Smith and Cynthia Brame at Vanderbilt University presents research on the learning possibilities offered through online and blended learning, as well as effective practices for facilitating online courses.
Create an Online Course Information on how to get to get started with an Online Course at UC San Diego.

Assessing Student Learning

Assessing student learning often starts with fostering an environment where students feel invited to contribute and participate, supported through resources and meaningful feedback, and encouraged to think critically and develop new knowledge. When instructors intentionally design in-course assessments to help students develop the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to succeed in the subject or field, the learning experience can be very enriching. Measurable learning outcomes and intentional design of assessments allow the instructor to better evaluate their teaching effectiveness and allow learners to focus on learning and contributing, rather than on performance.

The resources below provide a foundational guide to learning outcomes and online assessments.

Resource Description

Establishing Measurable Learning Outcomes (Online CourseMapGuide)

An overview of course-level learning outcomes and how to write a measurable learning outcome based on Bloom's Revised Taxonomy.
Bloom's Taxonomy (Online CourseMapGuide) An overview of Bloom's Revised Taxonomy.
Course Level Assessment (Education Research and Assessment Hub) Frequently used assessment methods such as tests/exams, rubric-based assessments, surveys, student reflections, and classroom observations.
Assessments (Online CourseMapGuide) A brief description of formative and summative assessments, and examples of each.
End of course evaluation (in development)

Fostering Academic Integrity

Fostering academic integrity in the online learning environment is critical for ensuring quality education and promoting an honest, responsible, respectful, fair, and courageous learning experience. Digital Learning partners with the Academic Integrity Office to ensure online courses at UC San Diego uphold integrity, and that instructors and students both take measures to value and support a culture of integrity.

The resources below provide tips and tools for promoting integrity.

Resource Description
Promoting Academic Integrity in Digital Learning Digital Learning partnered with Academic Integrity Office to create a video for online learners. Also, find tips for promoting Academic Integrity in the online classroom.
Proctoring UC San Diego supports remote proctoring for online exams. Find instructions on how to get started (for both students and teachers).