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Host a Zoom Viewing Session

One of the things that is unique about learning online is the instructional videos. In place of listening directly to your instructor in a classroom, you are asked to watch a video online, and be able to demonstrate understanding of the concepts. There’s nothing that says you have to watch those videos alone! 

 How might this work?

  1. You and your classmates determine that you want to watch the videos published in Canvas together.
  2. Let everyone in the class know that the Zoom viewing sessions are going to be scheduled and ask for availability.
    1. Create a Google Form with possible dates / times and ask folks to submit the form
    2. Create a Google Doc that contains a schedule and asks folks to indicate the best time
    3. Be sure to ask your instructor to help get out the word! They can send an announcement, or post a link to the Google doc or form in Canvas.
  3. Schedule a regular Zoom meeting, be sure to allow participants to join before the host! Be sure the host is aware of the Zoom meeting safeguards
  4. Publicize the Zoom viewing session!
    1. Ask your instructor to distribute information about the Zoom sessions to the class!
    2. Tell your classmates / team mates
    3. Do not post the Zoom URL in a public forum (e.g. social media, Reddit, etc)
  5. At the scheduled day/time, login and watch the instructional videos with your peers!
    1. When you share the screen, be sure to check the box to optimize for Video sharing
    2. Avoid recording the session – this is more of an informal get together with your peers
    3. Don’t just watch the videos, talk about what you just saw… Where there parts that were confusing? Concepts you want to know more about?
    4. Share any questions you all have with the instructor / instructional assistant

Is it really just watching the videos? 

Actually, you can transform the learning experience from passively watching a video to actively working through the material. Here are a few options for collaborative learning: 

  • Use the chat feature to pose questions or share insights as you all are watching the videos
  • Take the time to pause the video when the instructor shows a problem - see if you all can work through the solution!
  • Rewind parts that seem confusing to folks, and re-watch as needed
  • Take shared notes in a Google Doc
  • Ask for a volunteer to restate the concepts that you just heard in their own words - just to make sure that you all understand the concepts
  • Once you finish a video, see if you can make connections from what you just watched to the concepts, terms or skills that you learned in previous videos

A final tip… take the time to connect with the other students. Consider starting (or ending) the session with a question that everyone can answer in one or two words. Here’s one to get you started: 

What is your favorite place to visit in San Diego?