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ProctorU for Online Exams

Before deciding on ProctorU as an online proctoring service for your Spring 2020 exams, please consult with Digital Learning Hub, and consider the following parameters:

  • Highest-stakes exams: For low-stakes exams, consider designing alternate exam questions or assessment types that promote integrity before committing to a live proctored exam. If your highest-stakes exam must have proctoring to secure the exam session, consult with Digital Learning Hub.

  • Exam needs to be created in Canvas or a secure password-protected online platform. ProctorU does not host the exam.

  • Exam Window: Allow a 48-hour minimum exam window; adjust for larger class sizes.

  • Technical Requirements: Students will be required to have a computer, webcam, private room, a government issued ID, etc. Alternative options will need to be provided for any students who cannot meet these proctoring requirements.

What is ProctorU Live Proctoring?

Live proctoring includes a live human proctor who remotely authenticates the test-taker, monitors the  entire exam session, and flags/intervenes suspicious behavior.

UC San Diego currently utlizes ProctorU for live online proctoring services.

To ensure ProctorU capacity, please consult with the Digital Learning Hub.


1. Prepare for an online proctored exam:

Provide an Exam Window:
Keep in mind your final exam will not have a set time in which all students take the exam at the same time because with online courses, there’s typically not a set lecture time. ProctorU allows you to set an exam "window" in which students will be expected to self-schedule and take their test within the restrictions of that window. It is recommended you provide at least a 48-hour window, but this is dependent on the size of the class.

Have a Backup:
It is highly recommended to have a backup or an alternative arrangement for students who can’t use ProctorU. Students will need to have a high-speed internet connection, a webcam (internal or external), a Windows or Apple Operating System, a government issued photo id, and access to a private well-lit room. In our limited experience, there are some challenges with incompatible operating systems and access to private rooms, but the majority of students preferred ProctorU; so you likely won’t get a lot of requests to take the exam in person.

Put it on the Syllabus:
Here is suggested text for your syllabus. This provides enough information to prepare students without overwhelming them with the technical details. On or around Week 5 is a better time to prepare your students for the proctored exam and have them check whether they meet the technical requirements.

How Do I Take the Final Exam in an Online Course?
The final exam for this course will be conducted online and monitored by a UCSD-contracted proctoring service -- You will have a window from [Sunday March 17 8am - Tuesday March 19 8pm] to self-schedule a 3-hour exam. You will need access to a computer, webcam, and a private, quiet space. If you cannot meet the ProctorU requirements, we will provide an alternate final exam setting. More details will be provided before Week 5 for you to determine if you need to request an alternate exam setting.

Create your online exam in the LMS:
Your online exam will still need to be created in your Learning Management System course site (Blackboard or Canvas. For other systems including Coursera, ask the Digital Learning Team). ProctorU will not need access to the course, but they will need to verify the exam url. You will also need to set up the exam as a password-protected exam and provide the password in the ProctorU setup. 

2. Create an Instructor Account

Allow at least 48 hours for your account to be activated. You will receive an email to schedule a virtual training session with a ProctorU faculty representative, who will walk you through the exam setup process.

Training is required. Sign up for ProctorU Training.

3. Schedule the Proctored Exam Window

Download the Faculty Process (pdf) for detailed guidelines on how to add an exam.
  • Under “Department” choose “General
  • Provide incident users who will field the reports (you and perhaps a TA)
  • Provide a link to the final exam on your LMS.
  • Provide the exam password.
  • List any allowed outside resources (e.g. websites, books, calculators, software, bathroom breaks, etc.)
  • Provide contact info for exam issues (TA and/or you).
  • Indicate the exam window.
Allow at least 72 hours for the exam scheduling link to be live.

4. Week Five - Send a Reminder

Remind students they need to create their ProctorU accounts and “self-schedule” their online exam within the window provided (minimum 48 hour-window recommended). Have students review ProctorU’s what to expect page and test their technology

Motivate students to do this by:
  • Sending a message (email, announcement, etc.)
  • Include a quiz question like the following:
    Have you reviewed ProctorU’s page on what to expect for test takers and completed your technology check? (note: “No” is not an option. Please stop now and visit the web page.) -Yes, I have and I can meet the technology system and space requirements. -Yes, I have, but I don’t think I can meet the systems or space requirements -- I have submitted my name and email on this form <provide link> to request alternate accommodations.
If students lack a quiet place, suggest they reserve a room in the library as soon as possible. If you have a small number of students who need accommodations, consider having a TA find a common time that students can take the exam in person at the end of the test window or the day after (in case anyone has trouble during the testing window). Schedule a room.

NOTE regarding fees:
Students will not be charged any fee (UCSD currently covers this cost). However, students will be responsible for any premium scheduling fees if they do not schedule at least 72 hours in advance from their desired appointment time.
Exams scheduled 24-72 hours from the desired appointment time have a $5 fee.
Exams scheduled within 24 hours of the desired appointment time have a $8 Premium scheduling fee.

5. Week Ten - Send a Final Reminder

Remind students to schedule their exam by Thursday at the very latest.

6. Finals Week - Monitor and View the Reports

  • Watch for communication from students requesting accommodations or an in-person exam.
  • Hold the in-person exam make up or alternative assessment.
  • Field any reports and flags from ProctorU (Incident reports will be sent via email to the incident user list and accessible via the UC San Diego ProctorU portal).


Create a Test-Taker Account

  1. Go to the UC San Diego ProctorU Portal
  2. Click Signup at the top.
  3. Select Test-Taker.
  4. Complete the required fields to create your account.

Schedule Your Exam Time

After creating an account, find your course and select the date and time you'd like to take your exam. 
You must schedule your exam at least 72 hours in advance.

Test Your Equipment

Plan ahead. Test your equipment early and allow enough time for adjustment if needed.

Contact your instructor if you require accommodations or need an alternative arrangement.

 Go to ProctorU's TEST IT OUT site to pre-check your equipment.

Computer with > Windows Vista or > Mac OS X 10.5
Webcam (minumum 640x480 resolution)
Highspeed internet (recommended 1.5 Mbps)
A functioning microphone (some web cameras have them built in)
A compatible browser: Google Chrome (preferred) or Mozilla Firefox

Google Chromebooks
Tablets (Nexus, iPad, Tab, Note, etc.)
Linux operating systems
Windows 10 in S mode or Surface RT
No running inside a virtual machine. You will be asked to reconnect using your host operating system to take your exam

Prepare for Your Exam

View the Exam Readiness Guide

  1. Reboot your computer before connecting
  2. Save and close all third-party applications
  3. Open a fresh instance of Google Chrome
  4. Be in a private, well-lit room
  5. Clear your workspace of clutter
  6. Have your government issued photo I.D. ready
  7. Have a mobile phone with front-facing camera or small compact mirror ready
  8. No non-religious head coverings
Allow 15 minutes to set up.
When you are ready to take your exam at the scheduled time, login to the UC San Diego ProctorU Portal before starting your exam.
If your exam is in a learning management system (TritonEd, Canvas, Coursera, EdX, Moodle), make sure you know your login credentials ahead of time. 

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